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Reliable Neck Pain Relief in the Birmingham Area, AL


We offer a wide range of services to meet every type of business.
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We know that neck pain can cause serious discomfort and lower your quality of life. Whether you're suffering neck pain due to poor sleeping conditions, sloppy posture, or an accident, Walch Chiropractic PC in Leeds, AL is the service for you. We have over 20 years of experience dealing with a variety of neck injuries, including whiplash and a sore, stiff neck. 


Nearly all of our patients claim that our treatments for lower back pain, including our non-invasive DTS techniques,  has improved their quality of life. If you're curious whether you're a suitable candidate for lower back therapy or DTS treatment, contact Walch Chiropractic PC to schedule a free consultation. The doctor will determine whether you are a suitable candidate and discuss with you positioning options, your comfort level, and how long the treatment will take. Don't hesitate. Get in contact to gain relief from what ails you. 


If you're suffering from minor to serious pain due to bulging or herniated discs, visit Walch Chiropractic Center PC. We offer all new patients a free consultation. The doctor will discuss the least invasive treatment options available to help you get back to a comfortable lifestyle. Dr Walch will take note of your symptoms, and discuss treatment options to relieve you from your pain. Contact our friendly and helpful staff in Leeds, AL to make an appointment and discuss any insurance queries. 


Back and neck pain isn't exclusively a problem for adults. Children need care too. Walch Chiropractic Center PC offers specialized care for children as well as adults. We'll examine your child, determine the best treatment options, and help you with the insurance. No child should suffer unnecessary pain. Get in contact with Walch Chiropractic Center PC to set up an appointment.    


We treat a wide variety of injuries including whiplash, back pain due to injury at work, and pain caused by accidents of any nature. Walch Chiropractic PC has a helpful and friendly staff to help guide you through the treatment process. We'll help you set up an appointment within our flexible practice hours that suits your busy schedule. Our staff will help you file your insurance paperwork so you can get swift treatment without any added headaches.  

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